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Bewinners (Bwin)

Why They Are Rogue

On the surface, everything seems fine with the Bewinners program – their structure is similar to other programs, and even their commissions are in line with the industry norms. The trouble comes in because they have made unilateral changes to their affiliate contracts, without consultation, that could cost existing and new affiliates a lot of money.

The issues with the new contract terms run the gamut from forfeiture of earnings not invoiced or withdrawn within 12 months of earning them, the carryover of negative commissions, non standard terms relating to player fraud, and non standard termination clauses for the industry.

In fact, all of the changes made to the contract are designed solely to benefit Bewinners, at the expense of their affiliates. They’ve also been stripped of their accredited casino by several industry watchdogs and organisations. Approach with caution.

Program Details

Bewinners, which also goes by the name Bwin, Sajoo and Betoto, depending on the program in question, is a gambling affiliate program that offers a commission structure of between 25% (for up to four paying players) to 35% (299 or more paying players.)

Like other programs, their revenues are supposed to be ‘for life’ so you will keep earning as long as your players keep playing. They also offer incentives to very successful affiliates, which could include travel prizes and more.

The program operates in 25 markets, in 22 languages, and there is support available in 17 languages.

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