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Be The Dealer

Why They Are Rogue

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Be The Dealer (BTD) is a rogue casino that has been getting away with shortchanging affiliates and players for years. A quick search of affiliate forums brings up a laundry list of complaints against the firm going back almost ten years. The main complaint against this operation is slow payments and/or missed payments.

The story that plays out time and time again goes like this: Be The Dealer withholds legitimate payments until the player or affiliate starts making some noise to watchdog groups and mediators. Once the mediator gets involved they agree to a payment plan that would be spread out over a very long time. One player who was owed $33,000 was offered monthly payments of only $1,000. After making a couple token, payments, BTD stops sending checks and the whole process starts over again.

(CasinoAffiliatePrograms.com, Jan 18, 2012)

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